Can Gen Z and millennial workers be change catalysts in building a future proof workforce?

A recent survey done by Deloitte, shows they’re values-driven, more focused on work/life balance and concerned about the environment, the state of the world, and the future they see developing ahead of them. More important to note is that they’re looking for employers who will empower them to make a difference.

Will Gen Zs and millennials be the change agents helping to shape the future of work, and how can organizations embrace and enable their passion for social impact and a values-first workplace, to reap the benefits of a highly engaged workforce.

Many Gen Zs and millennials make career decisions based on their values and want to be empowered to drive change within their organizations
Many Gen Zs and millennials make career decisions based on their values
and ethical concerns
Cost of living, unemployment, and climate change lead the list of societal concerns
Gen Zs and millennials worry that worsening economic conditions may present a setback for work/life balance
Work is central to Gen Zs and millennials’ identity, but achieving balance is paramount
These are the top 5 things that impresses them most
Many Gen Zs and millennials are sandwiched between caregiving responsibilities for children and parents or older relatives, and it’s impacting their mental health
Gen Zs and millennials have mixed feelings about the impact of social media
on mental health
Climate change anxiety is impacting decisions from family planning, to diet, fashion, jobs and more
Gen Zs and millennials want to prioritize environmental sustainability, but they are struggling to afford it